The Collaboratory

Where Humanities and Technology Meet

In today's technology-centered world, student immersion in both STEM and the humanities is vital for success. All students need to communicate effectively, approach complex problems in creative ways and work in a digital age.

The addition of the Collaboratory, a state-of-the-art research communication hub, will provide students with a hands-on space to combine their knowledge of humanities with technological skills and prepare them for future careers that we can only begin to imagine. 


In the Collaboratory, faculty and students will work together using digital tools necessary to create and share knowledge. They will conduct multidisciplinary research that contributes to the campus, the University of Missouri System and national and international research communities.

The 1,150-square-foot space will contain three areas:

  1. Display room – a flexible public venue for educational displays.
  2. Collaboration room – an open area with movable furniture, large computer monitors and whiteboards that will allow faculty and students to plan digital pop-up museums, podcasts, oral histories and geographic information systems (GIS) mapping projects, all supported with 3-D scanning and printing capabilities.
  3. Digital production room – includes podcasting and video production studios that can seamlessly produce professional-quality presentations and green screen recordings.

Invest In Experiential Learning

Missouri S&T's unique experiential learning environment gives our students a competitive edge in the workplace and in graduate school. The Collaboratory's technology-rich space offers new opportunities for students to integrate vital skills from STEM and the humanities.

Equipment Needs

  • One Button Studio technology
  • Podcast audio recording equipment
  • Digital presentation technology
  • 3-D scanner and printer.

Help Advance Our Mission

The Collaboratory will be essential to S&T's mission to integrate education, research and application to create and convey knowledge that serves the state and helps solve the world's great challenges.

Your gift to Missouri S&T's Collaboratory can help us build a better future for tomorrow's leaders and scholars.

Want more info?

Naming opportunities are available in the new facility!

For more information, contact Lara Turek, executive director of development, College of Arts, Sciences, and Education