FYRE faculty mentor applicants

FYRE Faculty Mentor Applicants


Submit your application by Monday, October 3, 2022. Faculty selected for participation in the program will be notified by October 10, 2022.

Faculty Application


All full-time ranked CASE faculty (both T/T and NTT) interested in successful collaboration with motivated students may apply as mentors.

Identifying a Research project

As a faculty member participating in the FYRE program you would be responsible for identifying a research project that would:

  • Be appropriate for a first-year student with little research experience.
  • Yield enough significant outcomes at the conclusion of a one-semester experience to be satisfying to an apprentice researcher, such as:
      • Researching and writing one or more sections of a longer article or chapter
      • Conducting one or more sets of experiments; developing one (or a part of one) significant survey tool
      • Performing one (or more) data collection process(es); etc.)

Expections and compensation

CASE will host a welcome meeting in January and a farewell meeting in May for all FYRE students and faculty mentors. Faculty mentors are required to have regular contact with the student (at least weekly) and set regular milestones for the student to complete (at least bi-weekly).  

Faculty mentors who are matched with a FYRE student receive $500 in professional development funds. Each FYRE student receives a $500 stipend, to be paid upon satisfactory completion of the student’s responsibilities at the end of the semester.